Network News

CBS News – Declining Wages

Low wage jobs replacing higher paying factory jobs.

CBS News – Planning for Ill Parents

The ins and outs of long-term care insurance.

CBS News – U.S. Job Seekers in Prague

Young American’s go overseas to find jobs in a tight economy.

PBS NewsHour Food4Thought

Are Pesticides to blame for the massive bee die-off?

Brett Adee of Adee Honey Farms, takes us out to check on his 92,000 hives in Bruce, South Dakota. He and other beekeepers have lost up to 44% of their hives in recent seasons. Adee blames the pesticides the farmers surrounding him spray on their corn crops. A Purdue University scientist researching bee deaths thinks Adee may be right; while pesticide manufacturers blame it on a mite.

The Doctor Is In… The Kitchen

It’s the tale of one doctors mission to bring what he calls “Teaching Kitchens” to primary care office, clinics, hospitals and more. Watch as over 500 doctors and healthcare professionals gather in Napa Valley to cook with the Culinary Institute of America’s chefs and get a nutrition lesson from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public health.

The Next Food Movement May be Garbage-to-Plate Dining.

We drop in on renowned chef Dan Barber who transforms his Greenwich Village Restaurant into an educational pop-up that he calls, WastED. Barber engages in a culinary consciousness raising with hopes of educating the public on food waste by creating Michelin-starred dishes out of food that people would normally toss.

Why Does Almost Half of Americas Food Go To Waste?

To find out why, we visited the farms in California’s Salinas Valley where 70% of America’s leafy greens are grown. Turns out a lot is left in the field and a lot more ends up in landfills. What we found was astounding.

Why Does America Import 90% of The Fish We Eat?

Despite the fact that the United States has the longest shore lines of any other country on the planet, 90% of the fish we eat comes from overseas. Environmental laws, put in place to prevent overfishing, make fish from countries with little or no regulation cheaper than domestic catch. One entrepreneur in Brooklyn is helping to change that equation by shipping fish from U.S. shores directly to chefs and consumers here in the United States.

PBS NewsHour Making Sen$e

What’s the Beef with Beef?

In this follow-up story, we ask scientists, cattle ranchers and award-winning food scribe Michael Pollan, if replacing all the grazing animals on the planet is really a good idea?

Where’s the Beef?

As attitudes toward meat-eating shift and climate-conscious consumers experiment with alternatives, investors are throwing their money at mock meat start-ups. In this story we take a look at Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, two starts ups on a mission to replace animal protein with plant protein.

The Modern First Ladies

Betty Ford: The Real Deal

Betty Ford was a first lady who broke the mold. As a pro-choice Republican who advocated for women’s rights, she was one of the few first ladies to publicly differ with her husband. Her candor concerning battles with both breast cancer and substance abuse won her public praise.

Nancy Reagan: The Role of a Life Time

A unprecedented interview with a very private first lady combined with interviews from White House staffers, historians, advisors, family and friends paints a poignant picture of a first lady who wielded enormous power working behind the scenes to protect and promote her husband’s political agenda.